Calamre A La K’allu

We’re cooking Calamre a la K’allu in the kitchen with Los Andes Restaurant.
contacts, miss popular, elizabeth, is inn the kitchen withwi lawrence brown.re >> first of all, tell me what we’ree making m here. h >> we’re making calamare a la kallu. >> i know this isth part of the cheap eats issue of rhode island monthly and one of things they were saying iswe times if you try to go that’s outside of your comfort zone and go down on ethnic foodic route, you can find cheap eats and this is one of o the things los andes does. >> what is>>t it? >> this is a calamari appetizer, it’s calamari tossed with bana peppers, tomato, garlic, butte butter, and the flavors that you get very very reminiscent of the new england traditions of calamari. >> so not deep fried or breaded. >> it will be deep fried. we’re going to toss with thursday and friday with the calamari, so i’ll — >> i see where we’re going with this. but kallu basically means raw salad, and we’rela just taking it



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