Calamari Caprese

We’re cooking Calamari Caprese with Bradford News CafĂ© & Lounge in The Rhode Show kitchen.
to foxprovidence.com an sign up. >> and facebook. >> and we’re going to theng kitchen now. vince is in the kitchen cooking up lovely calamari. >> you know, you guys — i’m going to ask thesek guys and maybe i’m thee w irong one, you guys call it calamari. i call it calamari. c >> calamari. >> thank you.ha calamari caprese.se >> tha nk you very much, gentlemen, from the brad ford news of cafe and lounge. joe, you’re the chef. fantastic. fa you guys are up on the hill? >> yes, we are.we 142 atwood heav.tw >> how long have you been there? er >> since october 12. we’ve beenwe building the place out fo r a little over a year. >> how are things going? ng >> fantastic. >> you cannot just bringt the t calamari with you, you brought severa l things.s. >> we broughte several things t sthat we brought toou the cafe throughout the ro day. we’re openingin morning, noon and night. get a coffee, newspa



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