Cake Pops

Sugar daisy bakery shows us how to make a yummy treat
. >> welcome back to “good things utah”. this is one of the cutest ideas and most delicious ideas i’ve ever seen. marni is here from sugar d daisy bakery with cake pops. if you want to make them, you can make them at home. >> they are super easy. >> you can bake a cake. if you have left over cake. you can even use one that’s frosted because we will be mixing frosting in. we are going to take the cake and crumble it. you want to crumble it pretty fine. you can almost — rub them together, almost like sand paper, then they kind of break apart into little pieces. . >> this will help crumble. >> this is a hands on project. >> what is this cake. >> white cake. >> it’s really good. i had to taste it just to make sure. >> white cake. >> so you mix butter cream frosting with it. >> yes. >> of course. >> you don’t want to overdo it on the frosting because then they will be soggy. just start with



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