Cake-off Winner: Sin Bakery

Sin Bakery located in Providence won Wednesday night’s City Bride Cake-off challenge.
There it is, right there, the winning cake from sin bakery, b they are located in province. They did a great job. It was sin bakery, also, we had cappuccino from middleton. All three were phenomenal.nnI did. There was incriminating evidecrnce that we had on video somewhere. Ashley, our producer got me stuffing my face and then practically laying underneath the chocolate fountain boat.nnThree hours they created that. They started withh nothing, gave them three hours, they had two great judges that went in there t and the chefs were professional as well,hey knew what they were talking about. That was done in three hours. I can’t get over that.nnCourtney, what i thought was cool about this, it’s kind of.



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