Cajun Grilled Salmon

We’re making Cajun Grilled Salmon and Coconut Blizzard with Twist on Angell in the kitchen.
thanks, courtney. we’ll head over to the kitchen. patrick, what’s cooking.g. >> we are>> cooking salmon this morning with our friends from twist on angell, a chef rob tierney and jeff talmore. salmon on the grill. i always use my george foreman grill to cook the salmon. it’s quick and easy. >> it’s essentially the siaame way as this, it’s just being pressed. we’re going to do cajun grilled salmon, serve it with sweet pea. and while mush programs. we’ve got some shihe take and portabella, they all go up in price as we go through them and this is the base of refugee campss — base of riso t o. this is called bull’s blood.. it’s the microleafs of beets. . if you would heat that, itha tastes likeik a red beet. et so you use that for presentation, it’s cool. >> when we bring jeff in, we’re talking about drinks. you have a blizzard concoction. >> we’re calling it its coconut blizza rd and it’s



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