Cafe Trang

Chef Anna shows Angie how to make chicken noodle soup- with a twist.
. >> oh, the snow is coming down, does anything sound better than a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup. got a little bit of a twist on it, though, for you today. anna is here from calf tray cafe trang. happy chinese new year to you. >> okay. >> let’s jump in, this is tomian thai noodle soup. first i pour water in and then the onions paste. . >> where can you get this. >> one of the asian markets would have that. >> that’s hot and spicey. >> yes, and then you put some of the lemon grass in, and then galonka. >> what is that. >> asian market, like ginger, give it some fragrance. then mushrooms, baby corn, and then you cook it a little bit. let that soften. then, of course, don’t put in some palm sugar. >> palm sugar. i have never seen that. >> yes. >> oh, wow, how unique. okay. >> then afterwards, let it boil for about five minutes, then put some noodle in here. >> now, what kind of noodle.



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