Cafe Soeurette

From the farm to the table, Cafe Soeurette offers unbelievably fresh cuisine. Chef Janisse and her expert staff can accommodate large events, group parties and even offers off-site catering options.nncafe-soeurette.com
>>> welcome back to “the morning blend.” this week we’re taking you on a walk through west bend. the resident of west bend already know how lucky they have it. >> they have the best of both worlds, right? small-town living in the heart of the kettle mor as rain but close to the city. they are showing off why west bend should be your next destination. world class jazz festival and 1200 acres of parks to quaint shops and cafes and speaking of cafes, cafes that even special lies this local produce, al fresh on your table straight from the farm. >> how yumy does that sound. please welcome jody from cafe soeurette. today we show you one of the wonderful fresh dishes that she has prepared and something you can find in the cafe. nice to have you today. >> nice to be here. >> it is so fun to talk to but this dish and what all goes into it that is local and fresh straight from the farm. tell us a



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