Cafe Pignoli / What’s A Holiday Without Dessert?

Chef Robert Cardoos nChef Janet RinehartnChef Janet will prepare a delicious Toffee Pecan PienCafe Pignoli with Chef Janet Rinehart creates and prepares all our delious desserts.nnHoliday desserts include her Brown ButternPumpkin Layer Cake, Coconut Cream Pie, 14 Carrot Cake, Caramel Apple Cake, Sour Cream Apple Walnut Streusel Pie, Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Pie, Pumpkin Custard Pie, and Apple Cider Cake with Maple Frosting. She also offers Gluten-free desserts such as Apple Torte with Hazelnut Crust and Chocolate Ganache Cake.
A holiday without dessert? Well, it is just another day, unless, of course, you invite from cafe pignoli cape harbour marina chef robert to your party. And then ask him to ask chef janet and then you get your just desserts and everything else. Today all the deserts from cafe pignoli and coming up in a few minutes we are giving away one of these? >> we are giving away one today and one every day next week. >> oh, okay. We hit the jackpot when it comes to desserts. Chef janet, what are you creating right here on “the morning blend” On the spot? >> today i’m going to show you to put the filing together for the pecan toffee pie. >> is this something you brought with you to cafe pignoli? Where is the 14 carrot cake? This is the 14 carrot cake and you swear on your toffee that had t. Has 14 carrot in it? >> a ring inside. >> i believe you. You can go ahead and start. >> okay. Most pecan pies a



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