Café Pignoli / Ravioli Diablo

Café Pignoli / Ravioli Diablo nChef Robert CardoosnCafe Pignoli and Catering by Pignoli will be serving our famous Roasted Red Pepper Cream Sauce ( Diablo) with a Spinach & Mozzarella Ravioli
All of you fiery food friends and fans is ravioli diablo and the man who puts the fire into everything he does is back. Chef robert from cafe pignoli, welcome back.nnGlad to be back.nnI understand i’m going to be joing you in a big mission this saturday out at santa bell island marriott resort and spa.nnWe are honored to have you as our celebrity chef to join me.nnIsm’ honored to be there.nnThis saturday night at santa bell island resort and spa, we are pleased to be part of 16 other locations to do the food.nnSweet 16.nnIt is.nnWhy, my my friend, do you have flames coming out?nnThe theme is a mass a masquerade. Our theme is devilish. We came up with a recipe to bring in the flavors of, let’s say, the beyond so we did a –.nnDown there are somewhere.nnA ravioli diablo. We have a rowed red pepper cream sauce and we have a spinach mozzarella ravioli and what we’ve done is -.nnWe got fire t



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