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Café PignolinChef Robert Cardoos nCafé Pignoli located on the Marina at Cape Harbour in Cape Coral with indoor and out door seating. Open 7 days a week from 9 am offering a breakfast menu each day, casual lunch and dinners, Motown Wednesday with Pearl & Sase’ starting in Mid October, Thursday is the Pasta Party, the next day is BBQ Friday and the fabulous Sunday Jazz Brunch from 10 am to 2:00 pm
Hey, when you look at that, you probably have no doubts why and how we marched all the way toward victory lane together. Welcome to the blend chef robert cardoos of cafe pignoli and welcomet reinhart brand new to florida and the morning blend and because of her and we helped a little bit we brought home the gold at the march of dimes dig celebrity chef thing-a-ma-jig.nnIt raised over $80,000. 16 great restaurants and great chefs put on a great show that night. It is an annual event. It was phenomenal.nnThere we are right there. We had a really good time and it was a whole lot of fun. Is that you geting the award?nnYes.nnOr getting ready. There you are giving yourself a round of applause. I knew i’d do it. You were pretty surprised, weren’t you, chef?nnIt was the company we kept. 16 great restaurants, they were all phenomenal and all winners. For us to be part of that and actually take ho



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