Cafe Pignoli

Cafe Pignoli with Chef Robert Cardoos and Chef Janet Rinehart create and prepare all our Gourmet Salads, Sandwiches, Entrees and Desserts from all natural ingredients daily. The two Chefs collaborate each day to create new and exciting recipes and additions to the Cafe’s wide selection of culinary treats.
It’s full time with benefits. For more info on all these jobs, just click on the workers wanted logo on our web page at fox4now.com. I’ll see you next week with more hot jobs. In the studio, amy sedlacek fox 4 in your corner.nnNational dessert day.nnYou could have fooled me. This must be national dessert day eve and nobody but cafe pignoli could put out a spread like this. Sweet sensations, baby. What you got here?nnWe’ve got great desserts that chef janet put together for us. We have this incredible high-top conut cake, we’ve got grek — italian wedding cookies, cheesecake. We’ve got a chocolate flourless chocolate cake with raspberries, cookies, carrot cake and we wil be making some tiramisu in a second.nnWhat is tiramisu? We’ve been saying tiramisu.nnWe have pecan pie.nnThat’s pretty special. Did you mention carrot cake?nnWe did.nnI got lost between the wedding cookies and the cannoll



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