Cafe Joshua Gets An Infernal Visit From A TV Reality Show

Cafe Joshua gets an infernal visit from a TV reality show
transformed into hell on earth today, or, at the very least, hell’s kitchen. newschannel five’s vince norman explains how a visit from a t-v chef brought some heavenly advice to some aspiring cooks. for chef matt sigel, featured in one season of tv’s, hell’s kitchen, the trip from hell to heaven has been a long one”we were going to call this “heaven’s kitchen” because miracles happen here.””had a nervous breakdown a couple of years ago, so i can relate to the hardships of life.”but no hardships were enough to keep sigel out of the kitchen. “you gotta move forward, it’s up to you. it’s just building yourself up and not succumbing to weakness.”an attitude exemplified by the lord’s place’s, cafe joshua, chef’s apprentice program. “the culinary traing program is one of four apprenticeship programs that we offer here.” the course teaches aspirng chef’s how to channel a capacity for cooking in



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