Buttermilk Scones

Recipe from the SoNo Baking Company Cookbook
>> today we’re going to turn the kitchen into a bakery at “connecticut style” and we brought in the guy that does baking the best, john barricelli, the author of the “sono baking company cookbook.” is here right now and we will catch the aromas, we have somem stuff to make together. >>er thank you for having me. it is combing a little baking with a little cooking. sew bake the buttermilk business siss kits for — biscuits for breakfast and we will save what is left over for the evening. a little bit of fresh apricots, builter, sugar, saute them lightly until they are wilted. but the buttermilk recipeser from the group, very easy, punch them out w ith a glass, very easy and done by anybody inhe family. >> this is for of a breakfast item. >> the scone iss definitely a breakfast item, or day tea time at noon. i turned it into a dessert which is common. >> what can we get into trouble with h



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