Buttermilk Pancakes

We’re cooking Buttermilk Pancakes with Chef Joe Simone from The Sunnyside Daytime Dining.
anyway, we’ll head into the kitchen. check that out if you’re on’rn facebook. ce patrick, we’re having breakfast.t. >> we’ rere used to having things like steak, shrimp, and fish at 8:30 a.m . on ” the rhode show”od but the sunnyside is in warren, joe simone is the man in charge in the kitchen a nd you arend making us some pancakes thisak hi morning. >> pancakes. >> you’re inn a full blown sweatbl already. you’ve been working hard. >> i’v e been whipping up eggs, cuttingg banas, cutting strawberries, getting everythigng ready to treat youto to a nice pancake breakfast. >> i see chocolate chips over there. dried cherries, what else? >> macadamia nuts. ad n >> i’m looking at the camera. this is just the pancakuse mix? >> this is how we’re going to make the pancake. plain flour, salt, suing your, baking soda,, baking powder, eggs, buttermilk and melted butter. >> the sunnyside is in warren,



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