Buttermilk Gazpacho Soup

Get your veggies and your calcium in this delicious cold soup recipe.
news at noon>> eric gardner>> we are in the kitchen. at kitchen tune-up. and kathleen cody from american bone health joins me. and we’re providing some recipes with unique ways to get more calcium in your diet. kathleen cody american bone health>> kathleen cody>> yes, it is really important for people to know that we need to get calcium in our food every day. eric gardner>> we know vegetables are good for you, with those vitamins and minerals. but in this recipe, we’re going to add buttermilk, which i know is a star for you. kathleen cody>> that a big star. always look at the labels, and this buttermilk has 250 milligrams of calcium. eric gardner>> today i’m making a buttermilk gazpacho. gazpacho is a cold soup from spain, and it originated from seville, spain, that’s where it came from. i combine some finely chopped onion with some chopped tomatoes. i also have some minced garlic and a



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