Buttercup Cupcakes

ArkLaTex Made
talk about you basic dumb idea… i was a makeup artist for lam comb cosmetics at dillards.. family said huh… cupcakes is all your going to is all your going to sell..why not do something else… but kim….experimented for a year..got lots of feed back i would take to dillards give to co workers…ok… which do you like better a or b…. she started supplying cushes grocery… her assistant came in to cushes… .katie holmes was in town to shoot a movie.. .while she was here she wanted my cupcakes in her house..on the movie set… katie liked her cupcakes a lot… …100 dozen cupcakes just for her… people magazine found out.. kim started selling so many cupcakes last november she open buttercup in villago in bossier where every morning she bakes… …i just don’t scrimp on any of the ingredients…if it says cream cheese its philadelphia cream cheese if its butter cream its made



Found Country:US