Buttercream Frosting

frosting recipe from creative cake supplies
ones. >> back in the kitchen with julie sizemore from creative cake supply. we’re going to do a basic recipe. bake to get over those winter blues, do something fun. take one of the clases at creative cake supplies. especially on the weekends, they’re becoming me, let’s bake cupcakes. this is a clasic frosting. >> this is primarily what’s important about it is it’s a short, all shortening based, so when you’re learning techniques it’s going to be stabilized, it’s not going to break down as much from, say, the heat of your hand, from the doing a technique, scraping it back into the bag, doing the technique over. >> sure. >> because when you’re learning, you’re perfecting a technique. >> i understand. >> and a lot of it, the most important part is your icing consistency. >> okay. >> so when you buy a can of icing at the grocery store, that consistency is made for icing a cake, real thin. no



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