Butter Poached Lobster And Kobe Oxtail

We’re cooking Butter Poached Lobster and Kobe Oxtail in the kitchen with Chef Thomas Duffy from The Spiced Pear.
thanks, melissa. let’s head into the kitchen right now. elizabeth is withabh the spiced ic pear. >> we’re talking about ox tail,, because i saw thie s delicious looking dish that’s insh here right now, we’re going to be cooking a poache d lobster and ox tail, which people aroundd here, i don’t think they’re that familiar with it. but it’s huge.’s >> ox tail can be upanup to 4, 5 feet long. on it’s the actual tail, starts at s the top and comes all the way down. >> tell me about some of the other ingredients. >> up front, we have a couple of different mushrooms, russell sprouts petals, turnips, and a pound and a half lobster. >> very nice. what are we going to do? when you say poach the lobster, are we tooking it in the butter? >> we’ll takeak the butter, smother is t in the butter and b throw it in t he oven for four, five minutes and. >> and you have your poached lobster. i like where t



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