Butler Chef Scott Tope Makes Fan Food

Chef Scott shows us how to make some awesome chicken wings, beef fajitas and guacamole.
beautiful, always by design. >> it’s great. >> we are here with sous-chef jack lemon. >> we are getting ready for the big game. >> have to have good for the big game. >> tip-off is not until 9:21. >> we got stuff that is really easy. we haven’t put a recipe out there because i want it to be about the technique of what we are going to do. we are going to walk through stuff that got to have hot wings and not a lot of people have a deep fryer laying around. we want to show you how to do them in the oven. something we do at the university, college kids love the hot wings. we serve a lot of them. we have to chop up individuals. red onions. yellow peppers, green peppers. flank steak fajitas and the oven roasted chicken wings and how to make your chicken wing sauce. why doesn’t it taste like in the restaurant? i will show you a few tricks. butler only goes one time. >> if not now, when? >> camp



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