Busy Pizza Night

Papino’s Pizza manager talks about gourmet pizza, and the night before Thanksgiving rush
we’ve talked about earlier how tonight is huge night to go out to the local bars and catch up with buddies indulge. also big night for pizza, jason joins us, general manager of papino’s restaurant and catering, we’ll get to the catering in a bit. let’s talk about pizza night. one of your busiest nights. >> it is. probably top three for us in the pizza industry behind the super bowl and halloween. this is something that we prepare for last week with our ordering, as far as our supplies go as far as our preparation for tonight with our scheduling with drivers and delivery. >> how many pizzas are you expecting to cook up this. >> over a few hundred. >> let’s compart normal wednesday night. >> is that up a hundred percent? >> we’ll do what we would do on friday night. even a little bit better because of the holiday season. >> what’s best time to call? they order pizza because they’re cooking



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