Busy Mom’s Winter Survival Tips

Are you an overwhelmed mom with a full-time job while taking care of your child at the same time? Well here’s your luck, as Lifestyle expert Tara Aronson talks about taking control of your home and your life!
>> shawn: if you’re like most moms you feel overwhelmed, from managing your job, your kid’s schedules and daily chores. here to help is working mom and lifestyle expert tara aronson, mrs. clean jeans housekeeping with kids show you time management tips. good morning. >> good morning shawn. >> shawn: being a mom it probably the toughest job there is. why is how you start your day so important? >> well, first off mornings are busiest times and we’re trying to get out the door and get the kids to school and you tend to skip breakfast. the first thing we need is a good breakfast. have plan b. the plan b i use is carnation breakfast essentials. ed a milk, put it in a to go cup. the kids like it. it’s very nutritious, twice the protein of an egg and twice the calcium of yogurt. it is 76 cents a serving. i’m going with it. >> shawn: and the movies, you see people that have plenty of time to mak



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