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Asian wine consumption rose 6% between ’02 and ’07: Hong Kong Trade Development; Most Asian investors currently buy and store wine in London; You don’t have to be rich to drink good wine, Caillard says; Analysis by Andrew Caillard, Langton’s Fine Wine Auctions Co-Founder
it has continued to benefit from our emerging market growth. giustra the wine and brandy corp. said that shipments of bottles to china rose 32% from a year ago. sales to hong kong group. the average prices rose in china and hong kong. joining me now is someone who is the co-founder of a fine wine auction. in very good day to day. growth and volume is so great for the australian wine makers. what are people buying it? is it the jacobs creek or what? >> they are buying everything. kong and i was astounded at how many collectors are collecting wine and putting them down for drinking later on. >> there are not very many wine master’s in asia. >> we have a couple here in hong kong. both of them are women. >> what about the pricing? i noticed the prices are a 5% in china. they rose in china and hong kong. they have dropped by 16% in india. is australia at getting the pricing that it needs? >>



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