Burgers For Babies

When you go out to dinner on Friday, you could be supporting a great cause! Carls Jr. and March Of Dimes are teaming up to raise money! Visit CarlsJrofLasVegas.com or MarchOfDimes.com/Nevada to get a special flyer, and Friday from 5-8pm eat at Carls Jr and present the flyer to donate 25% of your purchase price directly to March Of Dimes! Kristina Dollard of March of Dimes and Fay Grover of Carls Jr of Las Vegas joined Shawn to talk about the promotion.
? [ music ] ? >> shawn: welcome back to the “the morning blend.” this friday you have a chance to give back to those who depend on others. burgers for babies. here to tell us is fay grover, director of operations of carl’s, jr. w’s, jr. las vegas. >> march of dimes was founded to cure pol polio. we have millions of people across the country that were behind the march the dimes. we teamedur focus to birth defects and we learned they were caused by child prematurity. the services are a family support system throughout the hospitals in las vegas and we have our pregnancy program with parents going to doctors appointments together and the women talk to each other. the money goes towards the programs here. >> craigslist’s, jr. stepped up to help. >> we’ve been in las vegas 5 years, all the restaurants were in las vegas. when it comes to paying back, we look for the charities that can help las



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