Burgers And Bordeaux

Lisa from Burgers and Bordeaux talk about the upcoming Burger contest and wine tasting event.
with a cause here to tell us about the family friendly event known as burgers and bordeaux this is lisa hagsfrom. thanks for being on the show today. i understand have you a 2-week-old baby? >> i do. >> her name is lauren elizabeth. >> let’s talk about the event. this benefits the omaha guild. isn’t that correct? >> yes. >> a fundraiser. >> we do burgers and bordeaux and we go toward outreach programs and tickets to come to the opera throughout the year and to allow opera to go into the schools and teach them more about what we do. >> yeah really spread the message through the community. >> yes. >> and that kind of cultural thing. >> and with some programs cutting their music programs it is important that they step in and do other programs. >> let’s talk about the event. this is the second year. did you it last year. >> i did. >> metro magazine has nominated us for one of the events from



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