Burger Win Triples Restaurant’s Business

After winning the Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge at the New Mexico State Fair, the owners of Badlands Burgers in Grants have seen business nearly triple.
stories in 15 minutes. 1 just a few months ago, the state named the best green chile cheeseburger i n the state, how big a deal is it to win?al big deal, big bucks. we went to w the winning nnbadland burgers in grants to check it out. natsss sizzlena 25:33 22:44 it never crossed my mind to win thats for sure.22:47 natsss sizzleiz 25:33 23;50 maine 0 wisceonsin all over the united states actually 23:56 natsss sizzle 25:33 it’s not just burgers sizzling at badland burgers in grants. 30;30 counting money 1 2 3 business issi i cooking badland proudly displays the official plaque deeming them the best green chi lest cheeseburger iner the state. they won with their millie burger 20 restaurants vied to be the winner of neww mexico’s first annual green chile cheeseburger competition during the state fair back in september.se badland came out on top. pretty impressive considering th is burger joi



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