Burger Tips

Burger tips
entertainment to go with it. if you want to turn a rainy day into sunshine, pay a visit to the clever cleaver brothers. take a look. i’m back with my two good friends. >> hi, everybody. together we’re the clever cleaver brothers. >> we have to break out the umbrella. the fourth of july is coming up. gotta get ready. >> get out there, fire up the grill and cook up something good. >> we have a perfect recipe. something we call — >> i like that. >> start with a beautiful piece of skirt steak. remove excess fat or silver skin. flatten it out. on top of that we put italian sausage. >> here we go. >> just roll it up. now here’s another tip for you. put this in the freezer about 15 minutes before you cut t. makes it easy to slice. you can cut anything with this. >> exactly. >> if it was frozen it would be nice and simple. >> check this out. we’re going to season it with one of our great season



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