Burger Mania

Burger mania with Chef Talia Nunez.
>> oh, man, addison station, can you believe those guys? fantastic, great local band. our next guest is all abllout getting bag to back to basics and she write as blog about eating healthy and staying on a budget. today, talianunez will show us how to make a vegetarian and beef burger. nice to have you o here on burger mania day on “connecticut style”. >> yes, burger mania. >> i nderstand the ingredients we’re working on here or local. explain that a little bit. >> most of them are localyl produced or grown, local meaning within 30-miles. >> except the olive oil. >> and the black beans. >> all of those are from wherever they have tohe come. e >> importied, yes. >> so show me wh at to do.o >> we’l start here. the stove is heating up. we will add zucchini to about a teaspoon and a half of olive oil. >> okay. put the zuchinzi in there. >> here yo hu go. >> i love it when i ncan do some cook



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