Burger Jpegs

burger jpegs
that wasn’t the only secret during the taping. bobby flay is i notorious for surprising his challengers. so show exec’s. t old olguin… …00.23.47 they called us and said they wanted to put us on the food network 00.23.50.. on a show…called burger nation… but he had no eat bobby flay would be there. it was the second day of taping as olguin entertained a hungry audience …00.25.14 giving a videmonstration on my cooking and stuff to 100 people who were wthere at the show 00.25.19… then…guess who showed up… 00.24.52 i said this s looks like a show down 00.24.54 00.25.28 he just looked at me and said are you ready r for a throwdown 00.2n5.32 a duel between the bobbys at least olguin hasas the right name.na but did he hav e the right ingredients. 00.26.29 his burger29 was very awveesome, it hades two types of chilies it hadil melted cheese…one ofse the judges described it as a



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