Buff Burgers

Buffalo Run Burgers
>>> we’re already amazed and haven’t even eaten anything yet. kathleen cruz and her daughter is here, the owner of buffalo farm and gifts. >> we’re three miles from santa claus and one mile from the lincoln parks, we’re located in between. >> great way to spend the day or weekend. >> awesome. >> including buffalo run. >> right. >> what do you have working up for us here? >> we are fixing up just buffalo burgers, nothing fancy. it’s a little family place and we don’t do anything fancy there. buffalo burgers are very popular. they are lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than chicken or turkey with no skin. >> you gave us a little chart here. it’s ridiculous. 9.6 for pork, 9.2 for beef, chicken 7.1, buffalo 2.4. >> it’s like a superfood. >> it is a superfood and it’s higher in protein than beef. so when you’re fixing it, you want to realize that there’s just no grease in your skillet. i



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