Budget Wines

budget wines from wine premiere
downtown have to spean lot of money to have a great bottle of wine. at wine premiere, about 85% of our wines are between 8 and 12 to 13 dollars a bottlement we have wines way less than that, and wines way more expensive, but we’re going to focus on wines in that 8, 10, 12-dolar range. these arwhat i would call restaurant-only brands, they’re not available in other stores. the reason that we’re able to sell it is we’re licensed more like a restaurant, we’re able to feature wines that are very unique and we’re able to buy them at really, really affordable prices and we we can pass that on to you. another positive about the restaurant-only brands is they make them so 90% of the people it’s going to be attractive to their palate, they’re not too dry, not too swet, mott 2002 bitter, just creamy, crowd pleasing wines, so it’s safe because everybody loves these wines. today i picked a sauvignon



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