Budget Friendly Appetizers

O Dinis cooks up some delicious Portuguese dishes.
pat, do whatever you do. >> we’ll just kills and make up, pat. oh, denise, she just walked inn and said, i’ve seen you cook before and i’m scared. >> i’ve seen how you’ve thrown seasonings into the pan. it’s a little scary. you just dump. >> i do. it’s pretty effective. by the end of the o day, it tastes pretty good. we have chefs like you that bail me out when i make major mistakes. >> we have two really recipes for the who would dames they are appetizers. this is the garlic shrimp and that’s going to be the garr limb littlenecks. — garlic littlenecks. when we’re done with it, we can throw it over pastro it and make a meal. >> in — >> we have the parsley, lemon, butter, salt and it’s super fast and easy. >> how about for the clams. >> the clams are almost the same. we’re trying to make thi budget friend my so it’s a garrickk parsley,le the crushedru red pepper ed flakes, white wine,es



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