Bubbly Drinks For The Holidays

using barefoot bubbly, drinks for the holidays
welcome back. we’re having a holiday party today. nothing says holidays like a little bit of maybe bubbly or wine. josh is here from barefoot, a winery out of central california. brought great wines. they don’t cost a ton of money. we’re going to make a few fun cocktails. thanks for coming. >> thank you very much for having us. i truly appreciate being here. >> absolutely. we love to have — learn how to make different drinks and we love to safe money there have are great wines out there that are under $25, some under $10. >> it’s great you mention that actually. because of barefoot and barefoot bubbly, with our regular wine, we’re the most awarded winery under $15. our bubbly is the most awarded bubbly under $20. >> love that. so if you’ve got to bring wine to the party or hosting a party, don’t want to spend a ton of money, look for this stuff. let’s make a cocktail. >> it’s going to b



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