Bruschetta Boards

Bruschetta Boards
life. we want to hear what you have to say about all our hot topics. >> in the kitchen now, with john stein. we are making bruschetta. i know this is a secret recipe. it is off your spring menu. >> yes, we have a new menu rolling out on may 10. we have a whole bruschetta board section. >> let’s talk about what we need for this. >> we have three different ones. we have an apple and brie. we have a hamas and avocado. these are fresh ingredients. we have a balsamic reduction. caramel, walnuts, roasted garlic, and this is the fresh garlic. this is our basil. >> of lot of different ingredients. talk about what exactly bruschetta is. >> it is commonly known as tom — as crusty bread. fresh mozzarella and tomato is your basic american bruschetta. you can execute it with anything under the sun. will start off with chopines of fresh basil. >> that is? >> it is a slice. >> you are slicing a very l



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