Brunch On New Year’s Day

Celebrate the new year in style at Thunder Bay. Their menu will include all of the traditional breakfast items – eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, hash browns, omelets made to order…and of course, a wide selection of lunch items like Honey Glazed Ham, Burgandy Beef, BBQ Ribs, Smoked Chicken…plus their full produce bar with fresh salad items and fruit. There will be a full produce bar with fresh salad items and fruit, tons of different desserts and baked items along with flavored coffee as well. Bloody Mary’s will also be on special all day. Ring in the new year at Thunder Bay!nnThunder Bay
>>> i like that. >> it is cool. >>> thunder bay. >>> can you believe new yr’s eve is just around the corne >> no. >> unbelievable. it is only fitting we are in the kitchen cooking it up with thunder bay. it is fitting also we would use sha rich as our main dh. >> absolutely. >> mike significant seller executive chef at thunder bay d has a recipe to make ahead for the holiday party. that’s what peoplement. something easy to make ahead. >> when it comes to partyime you don’t spend time in the kitchen. >> you take it out and ready to roll. >>> why do people think of shrimp. shrimp cocktail for new year’s e? i don’t know why. >> it is a special time of year. time of year to do something above and beyond and shrimp is something you don’t do every night and break it out for every special occasion. that’s what we will do every day. >> we will have it out on new year’say buffet. >> your famous b



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