Brunch From Carefree Station Pt3

Brunch cooking with Thomas Nasworthy, Executive Chef for Carefree Station
classic blew out when — luau, all at 11:00 after the view. >> we have chef thomas in the kitchen and we have just made these chilaquiles and i have been waiting to try it. oh, that is good. >> what happened? >> no, it is good. >> we will be doing one of our favorite items here. >> yogurt parfait and it is super luxurious. you want to start out with the telling cream cheese. >> how is that different? >> it is a little bit later and less intense on the cream cheese flavor. the sugar, yogurt, you want to whip that together to get that started. >> one of my favorite ingredients, cream cheese and sugar. >> what makes this light and easy on the calories is some wh cream. >> you can smell the sweetness. >> or incest, pinch of cinnamon. >> orange zest, pinch of cinnamon. >> you want to do equaparts of the three theories. >> a little orange liquer and orange juice. >> we’re making the yogurt rig



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