Brunch From Carefree Station Pt2

Brunch cooking with Thomas Nasworthy, Executive Chef for Carefree Station
with thomas from carefree station. and we are making chile kiles. >> it is a classic dish and is thought to be from the pan over days. >> i have no idea what you are talking about. >> but classically it starts out with some chips. >> if you are hung over it does not matter what is. >> use start out with your chips and a little bit of oil. >> since it breakfast, we will add our eggs. >> slightly beaten, and nothing else to them. chicken. >> what kind of seasoning’s do you have with pat? >> right now there is a little cilantro and there that is to some sauce. >> find something in the fridge. the idea is to make the tortilla soft again. >> at home we would have salsa and a cream. >> sauce and a little bit of cream. that that cook down a little bit three or four minutes. >> it looks delicious. >> what is your favorite thing that you like for breakfast? >> i like all of our benedicts p we hav



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