Brown Butter Tart

Brown butter tart
tarts are such a versatile pastry. they can be light and fruity, or rich and luscious, like this brown butter version. okay. your first step is to prepare your pastry dough. don’t be intimidated. this is really easy. i mixed together flour and sugar and now i will use a pastry blender to cut in cold butter. just carefully incorporate that into your flour mixture. work with it until it gets the pea-sized consistency. it might take awhile, just keep on going. i whisked together two egg yolks and cold water and i will gradually incorporate this into our flour mixture. now, this is where you’re going to want to make sure not to handle the dough too much. you don’t want to warm up that cold butter. that is what is going to give us a light, flakey crust. once you have incorporated it in a little bit with the fork, then you can start lightly working it with your hands until it forms a nice ball



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