Bronzed Tuna Tostada

Bronzed Tuna Tostada
say about all of our hot topics. >> thank you. we are in the kitchen with a chef from the lucky oyster seafood grill. he will give us his secret. you are busy. >> busy. how are you? >> i am doing well. what do we need for this dish? >> tomatoes, onions, black beans, and then we are going to make red beans and rice. i made this here today so that you can make this at home. these are canned items. >> that is what i loved. >> we have a lot of fresh vegetables. we will steam all of this in a pot in a minute. we also have the tuna fish, balochis, and the salsa. the seasoning is brown sugar and oil. it is equal parts. we will put it in the broiler. we will get it caramelized. we want to get all of this into the pot. >> it seems like a lot. in the meantime, you are due in the red and green peppers. >> and i have celery and green onions. that is for the red beans. if you want to put these on low



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