Broken Egg Bistro

Broken Egg Bistro
thehamptonroadsshow.com. >> we are in the hampton roads kitchen. it this morning, we are making some stuffed flounder. we are making mussels also. >> we have fresh prince edward island mussels. >> dyou sell them at the restaurant? >> we do sell them at the restaurant. salt and pepper and parsley and parmesan cheese, lemon, tomatoes, butter, garlic, flour. >> i have never made mussels before. what kind of tips would you give people what they want to try this for the first time? >> it is always best to buy fresh mussels, not frozen. >> what do we do now to put this dish together? >> i would start with olive oil and some high heat. not too high because you do not want the garlic to burn. this is what under% olive oil, not extra virgin or anything. — 100% olive oil. this is to be sauteed with the mussels in the pan? >> yes. is this something that you make at the broken egg? >> it is a speci



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