BRIO Tuscan Grille / Valentine’s Day Weekend

Love Is In The Air…and On the TablenAt BRIO Tuscan Grille this Valentine’s Day WeekendnnBRIO Tuscan Grille invites guests to enjoy a Taste of Tuscany this Valentine’s Day Weekend. Guests can treat a loved one to a romantic evening as BRIO Tuscan Grille brings the best of Italian amore to their tables with a special menu designed entirely for a romantic meal to remember.nnBRIO’s signature Valentine’s Day menu will transport guests to the heart of Tuscany with Chef inspired dishes that include Primavera Formaggio for $15.95, which pairs perfectly with a glass of Grayson Cabernet Sauvignon for $7.95, Beef Medallions with Black Pepper Shrimp for $22.95 that is enhanced with a glass of Damilano Nebbiolo for $11.95 and a Fresh Catch with Lobster & Shrimp Salad for $21.95 that is best complemented by White Oak Chardonnay for $12.95 a glass, as well as BRIO’s signature Flirtini and Cinnamon Chocolatini.nnFrom the Heart of TuscanynBRIO Valentine’s Day Weekend Menu
>>> boy, love, it is not only in the air, breathe in and enjoy. it is also on the table at brio tuscan grill at waterside shops. this valentine’s day executive chef joe, also known as cupid and the bbc which stands for the big bald chef, he is here to shoot an arrow through your heart and taste buds. what’s going on at brio for valentine’s day? >> we have a couple of great specials on the menu. a beef medallion, black pepper sauce. >> i think i read about that here in my notes. the beef medallions are black pepper shrimp. >> yes. >> have you a fresh catch with lobster and shrimp salad. >> yes. it is wonderful. probably fresh grouper. >> before we get to the dessert, what are you making today? >> it is a secheti pasta. >> what is that? is that it there. >> it is that there. it looks like a purse. >> could you hold one up so i could examine it like an episode of “csi”? that does look like



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