BRIDGE STREET: Winemaking Made Easy 12-1-10

We visit Lakeland Winery, where you can make your own wine.
for lakeland winery that coming up in just a couple of minutes. in the meantime, kaylea, have you ever made your own wine? >> no. but i’ve always wanted to, have you? >> we haven’t. but we’re out at lakeland winery got a peak as to what is involved with making your own wine, have a look. >> my name is andy, i own like land winery for the last three years. address is stat center boulevard. we have group of people come in and if they’re not sure if they want to spend the money on making wine they will have wine tasting party where they pay $5 a person then taste lots of different wines. they can end up buying wine by the bottle after that. they may like a particular wine want to make it. so the making process takes about 15 minutes and we potages in the primary fermenter, add the yeast, oak flavoring or elder flowers comes with it and stir it all up. 15 minutes it starts fermenting. you wa



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