BRIDGE STREET: The Ultimate Guacamole Dip. 1-24-11

Chef John from 1060 Restaurant shares his ultimate guacamole dip!
no lime juice with that. that is a fact. >> are they called a different name. >> no, they look like that. >> are a haas? 80% of the avocados in the world are called haas. let me speed this up a little bit. i have chopped cilantro. and the lime juice is in there. chopped garlic. and what i use is a little bit of chopped sage a different flavor and then i have some chopped roma tomatoe that i have the juice so it’s just the flesh of the tomatoe. and fine chopped spanish onion and for you kaylea i have the bacon in this one here but i will leave this out. >> so nice, thank you, very, very much. >> i will mix this up. and let this sit and let the flavors marry for an hour before you serve it. i serve it –. >> an hour? >> so the flavors combine. >> on the fridge or on the counter. >> room temperature. that is because the fat content in the avocados you want to let it sit and it settles and i



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