BRIDGE STREET: The Market Diner’s Prime Rib. 12-16-10

Chef Tony from the Market Diner show us how to prep and cook prime rib.
market diner and talking prime rib as we close in on the christmas holiday. owner and head chef, how are you, sir? >> i’m great. >> this is a great dish. my mother-in-law cooks prime rib for dinner. but i guess you’ve organized that for a lot of people. >> i do. you can order this as a christmas dinner through the market diner. >> how’s that? >> feeds eight. we put out all the sides, a piece of meat this size and this is by far the king of all meats. i think. most flavorful, most marbling and fat through it. the taste great. >> they pick it up christmas eve by 4:00. >> that or lasagne dinner. >> simple. how do we start? >> normally i probably should have demonstrated this on the show, i didn’t. but there’s fat cap over this. you peel it back, take it off, i trimmed it. >> why would you want that off. >> it’s tough. might think that it would offer a lot of flavor but there is some silver



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