BRIDGE STREET. The Love Chef. 2-7-11.

The Love Chef shares his Baci Love Dessert Recipe!
>> we’re back with the love chef, and hopefully he’ll be by valentine. >> your valentine? i’m not that way. hello. how are you? >> i’m so good. >> you were here last year. you are back in the upstate. what are you doing? >> we just did a casino show, niagara spot. what a phenomenal place. and we had a show saturday night. and everybody braved the snow to come out. >> yes. >> we had a big audience. it was phenomenal. anyway, it was a lot of fun. we did that. we were in india a while back about two weeks ago. >> what was that like? >> incredible. you see the video. this is palace on wheels. like the orient express, and it’s a top 5. i’m with three india chefs. they have two restaurants onboard. it was phenomenal. >> you said they didn’t speak english. >> they didn’t esh speak english and i had an interpreter. everybody has nuances when you make curry. there are eight or nine differenters,



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