BRIDGE STREET: Sushi Club. 1-21-11

Mohegan Manor gives us a lesson in sushi rolls!
>> hi it’s tom and becky from b 104.7 filling in today. are we lucky? look at the food? >> i don’t know about you, but i love sushi it’s so good. >> i am on the flip side of the coin but i have someone here to teach us about it today. she is the guest. oksana. from the mow higen manor but you are a specialist and they have a club sushi. >> yes, club sushi we serve not only sushi but the full menu it’s appetizers, steaks and the seafood. >> where is mohegan manor? >> it’s in baldwinsville. and today i’m making the fresh appetizers. >> take us around the table. >> this is the lettuce wrap and a spring roll. >> i’ve had that. >> is it raw fish? >> no, the lettuce wraps have beef and a lot of vegetables and garnished with spicy meat. anspring rolls very refreshing appetizer that are stuffed with lobster and noodles. >> lobster in them. i will try those. >> i would like to show you five minut



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