BRIDGE STREET: Sophistications Jazz Cafe. 2-7-11.

Shrimp and Lobster Bisque in a Bread Bowl and Jerk Chicken Salad!
good meal and maybe music sophistications jazz cafe is a good place to go. sammy summers joins us. >> hi. >> how are you? >> aim great. >> we will start off with comfort food. and it’s great like a day like today when it’s snowing and cold and winty. this is a lobster bisque in a bread bowl. >> it is a gourmet shrimp in a bread bowl. >> more seafood in there. get it started. how do you prepare that? >> first, the base comes in the chef kevin he makes the base with the lobster in it and that is premade and what we do is we take shrimp fresh shrimp and add the fresh shrimp into the stock itself. and so what we want to do first here we got a nice hot pan with oil in the bottom of it and what we want to do is like take these shrimps here and put them in the pan and let them cook. and also you want to season to taste. >> what do you do for the seasoning? >> we do salt and pepper. >> nothing w



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