BRIDGE STREET: Rolling Your Own Sushi. 12-20-10

Oksana Smirnova from Club Sushi at Mohegan Manor shows us the skill behind making this popular food.
>> this morning we’re doing something extra fun, we have oxana from, baldwinsville. we have our gloves one we’re ready to roll our own sushi. are you a fan of sushi? >> i love it. i have never been able to make it. >> what do we need to start with? >> today what we’re going to make our california roll. actually one of the japanese chefs in california invented the roll in 1970. it’s very old history. >> this is one of the more popular. >> it’s an american roll. made in america. first of all i will just give you, overview of the ingredients we need nori, it’s a roasted seaweed. we actually at club sushi we use the substitution, it’s a soy wrapper. we have couple of rolls people that don’t like nori we substitute with — this comes in different colors, even sesame seeds on top. >> this is soy roll with sesame seeds. >> soy wrapper. we use it for different roll. >> what are we using today? >



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