BRIDGE STREET: Making Sushi At Wegmans. 1-19-11

Chef Bob teaches Kaylea how to make her own sushi, something you can learn about in the new Wegmans “Menu” magazine.
we are back in the wegmans kitchen with chef bob who made me a honorary chef for the day. and today you are teaching us how to do sushi rolling 101. >> yes, it is a neat experience for us. wegmans has really branched out into many aspects and sue think rolling and sushi –. >> it’s becoming so popular. >> it is. everybody fears sushi because of the raw ingredients. you start with a little bowl of rice and take your fingers and push it out off to the side. push it out as close to the sides as you can. i will do the one here, too. while i’m doing that. >> this rice is sticky. >> yes, it is. and we put a little bit of sesame seeds on it and try to get the holes covered n flip it over. flip the nori over. >> okay. >> take your time. and then we are going to do a vegetable roll. take a sprig of this cumber right there. like that. and you want to break it off so you get the length and you want



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