BRIDGE STREET: Making Our Own Pizza! 12-16-10

Chris and Kaylea make their own pizza as we offer you a great Discount Deal to La Pizzeria.
we’re going to cook up mean pies in a second. first of all we do want to talk about, you’re in shoppingtown mall, right? >> the food court. >> we have slices, 14 different pies out there. our specialty pizzas between our greek, our chicken bacon ranch. we have chicken wing pizza. call zone, salads. >> wings? >> you have the wings. >> dough is made every day, hand tossed pizza, brick oven. everything is fresh, our ingredients are all fresh. >> i make pizza once a week at my house. homemade pizza and wings once a week. i’m hoping those skills that i have developed over the past years will help me out in this pizza making. i wouldn’t call eight contest. >> you wanted a contest. >> we can make it in this a contest. >> i’m ready. >> are you going to judge? >> i’ll judge. put it right on here, the toppings, whoever makes it the fastest wins. >> and the best. >> dominick, tell us more about, wh



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