BRIDGE STREET: Lollipop Lamb Chops. 1-20-11

Dolce Vita teaches Chris how to make Lollipop Lamb Chops!
>> we are in the kitchen this morning with chef john from dolce vita. we’re cooking with a protein that i became familiar with, lamb. this is really — you really have to get from southern hemisphere to get proper, yours comes from — >> new zealand. >> where the sheep out number the people in new zealand, this is true. we’re dealing with — >> heard it from the mouth. >> this is on the new menu just released this month in january, correct? >> right ha. this is on new winter menu. it’s a new zealand lamb chop served with roma tomato, stuffed with panko bread crumbs and herbs de provence and — >> how are you cooking your protein, searing it, broiling it. >> for the purpose in here today i’m going to do it on the stove and i will sear it. i actually prefer to grill it i think it comes out — comes off of that grill — >> always doing the barbi with the lamb. is the salt and pepper is that



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